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Problem Solving

Hodgson and Hodgson can assist in problem solving in regards to acoustic and thermal problems or requirements that vehicle manufactures may face.


Meeting relevant legislation is one of the largest problems that companies face, and with these regulations constantly changing and becoming more stringent it becomes a constant task. Hodgson and Hodgson are always on top of the latest regulations relating to noise, and due to our experienced engineers who work with manufacturers on a daily basis to meet and exceed these, we are well equipped to advise and propose solutions to ensure that the regulations are met.

Budgetary Control

Hodgson and Hodgson understand that there is always a need to keep costs in check, whilst still provide quality products and services. At H&H we have experience working with a wide variety of materials and production methods and are able to offer multiple solutions to your noise and thermal requirements.

Space or Temperature Constrictions

Sometimes treating a vehicle is difficult due to space or temperature restriction on the vehicle. H&H can assist with them by offering unique bespoke solutions to suit any application. Our versatility and engineering experience mean we are confident we can find a solution to any acoustic or thermal issue and work around any difficulties.

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