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Noise Control and Mitigation

In addition to measurement and assessment work, Hodgson & Hodgson can offer advice and recommendations in order to minimise the impact of noise.

This could include the following:

Glazing and ventilation schemes for residential development, offices and schools.

Specification of acoustic barriers, enclosures, silencers, attenuators and louvers.

The setting of noise emission limits for industrial and commercial sites.

Specification of acoustic products (flooring, wall and ceiling treatments).

Construction modifications (sound insulation and absorption).

Noise management plans. Operational and site layout changes.

Compliance monitoring and testing.

Hodgson & Hodgson are also able to investigate noise complaints to determine the extent of the potential problem and offer solutions where required.

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Wood Panel Production Facility, Hexham

Location: Hexham Client: Egger (UK) Ltd Hodgson & Hodgson Acoustic Consultancy was appointed to assist Egger (UK) Ltd with the management of noise associated with a proposed extension to the company's Hexham site. The extension was to incorporate a new weighbridge, new housed plant, new log handling and chipping/flaking operations. These noise sources, in addition to increased associated traffic at the site, were assessed in terms of noise impact on the nearest noise sensitive receptors in accordance with the Local Authority's noise limiting criteria. Hodgson & Hodgson put forward recommendations for noise control and carried out extensive modelling of the site was using CADNA acoustic modelling software.

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