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Noise from industrial activity has the potential to impact on surrounding noise sensitive locations and a noise survey and assessment is normally required at the planning stage, usually in accordance with British Standard 4142:2014 ‘Method for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound’. when applying to build a new industrial site or adding new equipment such as an air conditioning unit or fan.

Using the latest equipment and instrumentation, Hodgson & Hodgson’s Acoustic Consultants are well practiced in the assessment, prediction and modeling of industrial noise. Where potential impacts are considered to be significant or when complaints have been received, Hodgson & Hodgson can assist in the provision of design advice and recommendations for its mitigation.

Our experienced team, have undertaken many industrial noise assessments throughout the UK covering extraction systems, air conditioners, industrial plant, refrigeration units, and general use of industrial buildings and provided expert professional advice and tangible cost-effective solutions.

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Fiddler's Ferry Power Station

Location: Widnes, Cheshire Client: Alstom Power Hodgson & Hodgson Acoustic Consultancy were instructed by Alstom Power to undertake a noise impact assessment of a proposed supplementary biomass fuel feed to the Fiddlers Ferry coal fired power station. A site survey was undertaken to identify all noise sensitive receptors in the locality of the power station. In addition, a background noise survey was performed to characterise the existing background noise at the closest noise sensitive receptors identified. The propagation of noise from the proposed plant was calculated and the noise level compared to the relevant standards and guidance, BS4142 and IPPC to determine the noise impact. Mitigation measures were suggested to ensure that the noise impact of the additional plant... > MORE

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