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Restaurants, bars, public houses and clubs can often be very noisy places.  Music, speech and kitchen areas can all contribute to this.  People may have to speak more loudly just to be heard.  This can all contribute to an unpleasant overall experience.

Acoustics in the form of sound absorption can greatly improve this experience.  Absorbing sound such as speech means that the sound will not travel around the room, bouncing of surfaces and creating a constant hum.

We have many years experience working with clients in the industry, and offer many products that can not only enhance the acoustics but either add to the existing design requirements or simply blend in.

Bars and clubs are also subject to “Noise at Work” regulations due to employees being subject to high levels of noise.  Hodgson and Hodgson experienced consultants can assist by doing “Noise at Work” assessments using dose badges to monitor the noise levels that are experienced during their working day.

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