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To hear the sound of the waves, rather than the soundwaves emanating from below deck power plant, must be a better prospect for both crew and the leisure sailor alike. Comfort on vessels both personal and communal, is becoming an increasingly important consideration and many associated with the marine industry are now aware of the potentially harmful effects of noise pollution. At worst this could mean permanent hearing damage for a merchant seaman working around the engine room or, at best could represent a nuisance to the leisure sailor, spoiling the otherwise pleasure of boat ownership.

Hodgson and Hodgson has, for many years been involved in providing a complete acoustic service to the marine industry. We are able to offer an extensive range of non flammable, non toxic, low smoke materials for power plant, bulkhead, decking, hull and ancillary applications.

Our products are in service on craft ranging from modest weekenders to 54 metre luxury superyachts, from harbour launches to hovercraft and from river ferries to fast patrol boats. We have developed products and skills to provide cost effective solutions that meet both technical and aesthetic requirements. For more information contact us and one of our highly experienced engineers will help you wave goodbye to unwanted sound!

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