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Entertainment venues require both sound absorption to improve the overall sound quality of the venue, as well as noise control to ensure that other areas within the venue and neighbouring areas are not exposed to the noise levels emitted. 

Cinemas for example require acoustics to improve the sound quality within the theatre, ensuring the sound is absorbed with reduces reverberation or “echo” which in turns enhances the quality.  Also due to the nature of films being very loud, there can be issues of sound escaping into adjoining screens and public areas which can make the experience uncomfortable.  Nobody wants hear the sound of explosions and gunfire whilst enjoying the latest rom-com!

Music Venues have the same desire to improve the acoustics of the venue, but also must ensure that the noise is controlled and the venue meets the regulations in terms of noise levels in the local area especially in the case of residential areas.

Hodgson & Hodgson Group have a wealth of experience in of acoustics in Entertainment venues having worked on projects including Wembley Arena, Leeds Arena and the ODEON BFI IMAX in London.

We offer a wide range of sound absorption products in shape of acoustic walls and acoustic ceilings both off the shelf and bespoke to suit any application or acoustic requirement.

We also have a team of fully qualified acoustic consultants who can use the latest computer modelling systems to advise on the best solutions to even the most challenging issues.

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