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Vibration Damping Compound

Water based co-polymer emulsion, with mineral fillers dispersed in a low permeable, polymeric binder. It is solvent free, easy to apply and can be used in most interior and semi-exposed areas.

It is designed to reduce noise by damping resonant vibration caused by continuous or impulsive excitation of the substrate to which it is applied.

Vibration Damping Compound can be sprayed onto smooth and irregular surfaces. Once applied, it has a monolithic spray texture finish.

•      Heating and ventilation ducts
•      Hoppers, silos and waste extractors
•      Equipment manufactured from aluminium and steel
•      Food processing equipment
•      Railway applications

•      To damp noise and vibration from GRP, steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals
•      Floors and body sides of railway carriages
•      Air conditioning equipment
•      Rain screen cladding and metal roofs

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