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Universal Glass Fibre Rolls

Manufactured from shot-free, non-combustible glass mineral fibre bonded with a high performance bio-based, formaldehyde free binder. They are lightweight, flexible, resilient and easy to handle.

Universal Glass Fibre Rolls are designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of flat and curved surfaces. The material is particularly suitable for use as continuous wraps or to cover large areas with minimum joints e.g. long vertical drops.

Rolls can be supplied die-cut to size and shape to suit client specific requirements and can be faced or fully enclosed with aluminium foil, reinforced Bright Class ‘O’ foil, tissue or glass cloth.

• Versatile multi-purpose product suitable for a wide range of applications
• Lightweight and economic insulation quilt
• Free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential
• Excellent thermal, acoustic and fire properties
• Easy to handle, install and cut to size

•      Domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings
•      Cookers
•      Heating appliances
•      Boilers, tanks and air conditioning equipment
•      Industrial plant
•      Road, rail and marine transport applications

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