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Polyester Fibre

Manufactured from a specially formulated mix of high and low melt, non-irritating, water repellent polyester fibres. It is designed for use in thermal and acoustic insulation applications where a more rigid or moulded solution is required.

Polyester Fibre can be supplied in sheets, die-cut to size and shape or moulded into three dimensional shapes. It can be faced with a range of surface finishes (although choice is limited is if a low smoke or toxicity level is demanded).

• Good thermal insulation properties
• Good levels of acoustic absorption
• Non-irritant and odourless
• 100% fully recyclable
• Fire resistant and water repellant
• Resistant to micro-organisms and bacteria
• Can be moulded into three-dimensional shapes

•      Moulded headliners and interior trim
•      Moulded engine compartment components
•      Moulded bulkhead mats
•      Architectural and building applications
•      low temperature heating and ventilation equipment

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