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Industrial Acoustic Panelling

Industrial Panelling

The smallest enclosures are constructed from Zintec, galvanised or stainless steel sheet and contain a sound absorbing, flame retardant, polyurethane foam. The thickness of the foam depends on the frequency of the noise and a choice of standard surface finishes can be supplied to prevent contamination or to provide a decorative finish.


Uniclosure is a system for manufacturing larger, usually close fitting acoustic enclosures employing 50mm-100mm nominal thickness panels which are bolted to a totally demountable sub-frame.Standard panels would consist of a 1.2mm thick outer skin, 50mm-100mm nominal thickness acoustically absorbent mineral wool infill, encapsulated within a Melinex membrane and a 0.7mm thick pre-galvanised, perforated steel sheet inner skin.

Modular Acoustic Panels

The Modular Acoustic Panel system comprises acoustic panels of 50mm-100mm thickness, installed on site by means of an 'H' joiner and channel structure. Standard panels are constructed from a 1.2mm thick Zintec outer skin, acoustically absorbent mineral wool infill and a 0.7mm thick pre-galvanised perforated steel inner skin. This system would usually be employed in the construction of larger, walk-in type enclosures.

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