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High Temperature Blankets

An extremely high performance, low bio-persistence, thermal insulation material manufactured from soluble calcium-magnesium silicate which contains no binder or lubricant and does not emit any fume or smell during the first firing.

It is designed to provide a safe alternative to refractory ceramic fibres in high temperature applications up to 1200°C.

High Temperature Blankets are needled from both sides and possess high strength, before and after heating. They have an excellent thermal stability and retain their original soft, fibrous form even at elevated temperatures. They are flexible, easy to cut, shape and install and are available in a range of thicknesses and densities.

• Heavy duty thermal insulation material
• Suitable for use at temperatures up to 1200°C
• Provides a safe alternative to refactory ceramic fibre
• Does not emit any fume or smell
• Flexible, easy to cut, shape and install

•      Boilers
•      Ovens
•      High temperature gasketing

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