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Manufactured from two layers of corrosion resistant, zinc coated, mild steel or aluminium with an energy absorbing visco-elastic core. The resulting constrained layer damping sheet is designed to reduce sound transmission loss by eliminating resonance.

CoustiPlate is available in flat sheets or can be die-cut to size and shape. The material can be sheared, punched, drilled, screwed or rivetted in the same way as conventional sheet metals.

• Provides consistent damping performance over a wide temperature range
• Suitable for high temperatures up to 120°C (200°C in selected applications)
• Lightweight material

•      Manufacturing chutes and funnels
•      Heating and ventilating ducts
•      Feeders and conveyors
•      Hoppers and storage bins
•      Machine tool covers and guards
•      Exhaust ducts
•      Waste extractors
•      Timing chain and rocker box covers
•      Bulkheads

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