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Barrier Mats

Barrier Mats are manufactured from a durable, flexible polymeric material. They are designed to add mass to building elements, equipment or automotive components, acting as acoustic barriers to reduce noise transmission.

Barrier Mats are available in rolls or sheets and can be die-cut to size and shape.


Highly flexible, polymeric barrier mat with a Class 'O' foil facing on one side.

BM5N and BM10N

Highly flexible, polymeric barrier mats incorporating additional mineral fillers to increase the product's mechanical strength and durability.

• Durable and flexible
• Multi-purpose acoustic barriers
• Significant levels of sound reduction
• Inherent fire resistance

•      Partition walls
•      lightweight composites e.g. plasterboard

BM5N and BM10N
•      Pipes
•      Ducts
•      Vehicle floors
•      Vehicle bulkheads

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