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Anechoic Wedges

MelaTech Foam Anechoic Wedges

MelaTech foam exhibits superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance. The foam is extremely low density and this facilitates installation, as wedges can be adhered directly to the anechoic chamber walls and roof with the minimum of mechanical fixings. The wedges can be supplied in a choice colours to suit their environment.

Polyurethane Foam Anechoic Wedges

The most popular choice, graphite based polyurethane foam has consistency in density and hardness allowing the foam wedges to maintain their uniformity and shape through the duration of their life. The graphite particles within the foam form a barrier helping to prevent the spread of flame. Wedges are usually retained by a single or double grid system.

Mineral Wool Anechoic Wedges

The traditional type of wedges usually have stockinette facing and due to the weight are usually retained mechanically by a grid system. Although this type of wedge displays good acoustic properties it is being replaced to a large extent by the specially treated foams which maintain their appearance over long periods.

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