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Anechoic Chambers

Manufacturers are increasingly having to test their products to ensure they comply with international standards and legislation. In order to produce accurate results it is essential that the test environment is as close as possible to being "free-field".

Hemi or full anechoic chambers can be designed, manufactured and installed using either Hodgson & Hodgson's Modular Acoustic Panelling system or conventional building materials to suit the necessary test requirements.

Acoustic doors, ventilation systems and a range of ancillaries are available to complement the design. Sound absorption is obtained by lining the walls, ceilings, and floor with wedges.

Anechoic Wedges are manufactured from a choice of either a melamine based, open cell foam, a graphite based polyurethane foam or traditional mineral wool with a choice of facings. The size of the Anechoic Wedge within the chamber will vary depending upon the desired lowest cut off frequency for each product undergoing test.

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