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Acoustic Heatshields

Designed to provide both thermal and acoustic insulation in areas exposed to extreme variations of temperature and high levels of noise emission from metal surfaces. Acoustic HeatShields are available in sheets or can be die-cut to size and shape.

M949 Acoustic HeatShields are manufactured from long strand glass fibre needlemat, faced one side with reinforced aluminium foil with self-adhesive backing on the reverse.

M1019 Acoustic HeatShields incorporate an additional polymeric barrier core to further improve sound transmission performance.

• Thermal and acoustic insulation properties
• Protect components from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures
• Can be used at continuous temperatures up to 180ºC
• Lightweight and flexible

•      Power generation plants
•      Industrial burners
•      Compressors
•      Marine engine rooms
•      Military vehicles
•      Earth moving equipment
•      Aircraft
•      Commercial transport
•      Railway rolling stock

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