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Open cell polyurethane foam specifically designed to absorb noise over a wide range of frequencies.

There are two grades available, AbFoam F is a general purpose acoustic foam and AbFoam NF has a Class 'O' fire rating.

Both grades are available in a wide range of thicknesses with a variety of facings and self-adhesive backing if required.

• Excellent sound absorption over a wide range of frequencies
• Available with a variety of high performance facings
• Can be supplied cut to bespoke shapes
• Flexible and easy to cut
• Self-adhesive backing available

AbFoam F
•      Vehicle interiors
•      Hood and canopy linings
•      Enclosures
•      Plant
•      Mechanical services equipment
•      Compressors
•      Generators
•      Fans and motors

AbFoam NF
•      Air-conditioning and air handling equipment
•      Ducts
•      Plenums
•      Air distribution systems

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