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Hodgson & Hodgson Jackets Improve Efficiency for Turbines

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Following detailed evaluation, Peter Brotherhood recently decided to update and improve the thermal insulation of their turbines. Turbines had previously been insulated by welding a skeleton framework around the turbine, cladding it with stainless steel panels and manually filling the cavities with loose wool fibre. This was proving to be not only labour-intensive but also expensive and had the added disadvantage of prolonging delivery times to customers. In recognition of its extensive technical expertise and experience, Hodgson & Hodgson was appointed to take responsibility for the turbine's thermal insulation, allowing Peter Brotherhood to concentrate totally on the design and manufacture of the turbines themselves.

The Hodgson & Hodgson solution centres upon a 'soft' jacket system that is flexible, removable and reusable. Specifically designed to withstand constant high temperatures, the jacket incorporates two layers of 25mm E-Glass Needlemat and features a silicone coated, glass cloth outer covering and an inner facing constructed of stainless steel knitmesh. Jackets are sewn together with stainless steel thread and fixings are attached to suit.? Hodgson & Hodgson provided a complete package, from design and manufacture of the new system through to the actual fitting of the jackets themselves.


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