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Hodgson & Hodgson Acoustic Consultancy Resolves Noise Problems for Denne Construction

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Hodgson & Hodgson Group has provided acoustic consultancy to Denne Construction on a new build project in Wandsworth - one of London's busiest boroughs. The four-storey residential and commercial building is located on Garratt Lane, in a bustling area for shopping and leisure.

The Group's Acoustic Consultants were commissioned early in the project to carry out an environmental noise assessment to evaluate the 'Noise Exposure Category' of the building site and to determine whether the indoor ambient noise levels would meet the criteria set by the Local Authority. Traffic flow along the busy Garratt Lane causes high external noise levels, which presented Hodgson & Hodgson with a considerable challenge: to provide a building envelope specification which ensured that the required indoor ambient noise levels were met.

Hodgson & Hodgson's expertise in environmental and architectural acoustics enabled its consultants to come up with an answer for the combination of residential and commercial units. A mix of specialised double- and triple-glazed units, along with acoustic through-wall and mechanical ventilators with standard brick-block cavity external walls was recommended. This solution ensured the appropriate noise criteria were met without any further noise control measures being required. Pre-Completion Testing showed the airborne and impact test results to be around 8dB better than the criteria set out in Approved Document E (2003) for Purpose-Built Dwellings. "This was a challenging project," confirms Derek Butler, Senior Surveyor at Denne Construction, "But Hodgson & Hodgson's consultants were in constant communication with us and showed an excellent understanding of the issues we were trying to resolve. This meant there was a smooth flow of information at all times, allowing our timescales to be met."


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