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Bersham Colliery Tip

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Location: Bersham, near Wrexham

Client: Glenside Recycling

Hodgson & Hodgson Acoustic Consultancy was commissioned to assess noise impact as a result of mineral extraction at the 6 million tonne, 8 hectare site of Bersham Colliery Tip near Wrexham. The 7 year pre-planned extraction process must be shown not to cause noise nuisance to the three nearest groups of residential properties in order for planning approval to given. The assessment process considered all variations and combinations of site machinery relevant to the extraction; from on site generators to the proposed new-build railway sidings. Using distance calculations, screening assessments and masking; assessment of the level of noise impact to nearby residential properties was determined and advice given where necessary. The assessment was given in a format suitable for submission under the requirements of Local Authority.


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