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Acoustic Screens for Nodding Donkeys

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Client: BP Exploration Dorset Operations

Project: Acoustic Screens to Beam Pumps ('Nodding Donkeys')

Scope of Hodgson & Hodgson Group Supply The design, manufacture and installation of five L-shaped Acoustic Screens with 8.0m and 3.5m long legs x 5.0m height constructed to be readily demountable in large craneable sections. Design Features As part of its environmental protection policy, BP wished to take steps to reduce noise associated with beam pumps at its Wareham 'C' site in Doreset. Local environmental constraints dictated that there should be no discernable increase in noise over the existing background levels.

The screens were designed to provide localised sound absorption and an effective acoustic barrier. Due to their exposed position, full consideration was given to ensuring structural stability when subjected to potentially adverse wind loads. In line with BP's policy to minimise the visual effect on the landscape the screens were finish painted in dark brown to blend with the surroundings. Subsequent to the installation, sound level measurements taken indicate that a 90% reduction in site noise has been achieved, resulting in a significant improvement at nearby dwellings.


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