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Acoustic Screen for Printing Press

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Client: St Ives Direct, Edenbridge

Project: Acoustic Screen for a Koenig & Bauer Albert Compacta 218, Five Unit Microgap Press

Scope of Hodgson & Hodgson Group Supply The design, manufacture and installation of a Hodgson & Hodgson 75 modular acoustic panel screen nominally 41.4m long c 10.1m wide x 8.9m high, complete with glazing and access doors, to ensure compliance with both existing and proposed noise control legislation Design Features.

The Hodgson & Hodgson 75 modular acoustic panel system utilises prefinished panels of unique bonded laminate construction installed with extruded aluminium joiners. These are coupled with integrated aluminium framed window units and doors prefinished to match the panel work. The net result is an attractive system, designed to complement the colours of both the presses and the building with an acoustic performance that has reduced noise levels external to the screen to well below 80dBA.


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