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Acoustic Enclosures to 8 Steam Turbines/Gas Turbine Load Couplings at Black Point Power Station, Hong Kong

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Site: Black Point Power Station Hong Kong

Client: GEC Alstom / GE USA Consortium

Project: Acoustic Enclosures to 8 Steam Turbines/Gas Turbine Load Couplings

Scope of Hodgson & Hodgson Group Supply The design, manufacture, painting and export packaging of 8 Steam Turbine/Gas Load Coupling Acoustic Enclosures complete with integral lighting. The ultimate client (China Light & Power) demanded that in addition to acoustic performance, quality, aesthetics and full demountability were required.l panel configuration designed to maximise attenuation at low frequencies to combat the transformer noise. Acoustic Parameters The reduction in noise level required from the steam turbine was approximately 10 dBA whilst that from the gas turbine load coupling was 40 dBA. Due to the greatly different levels of attenuation required by the Stem Turbine and Gas Turbine Load Coupling, the two principal sections of each enclosure were made using 50mm thick and much heavier 100mm thick panels respectively.

Design Features Each of the acoustic enclosures were 13m x 12m x 5m high. They were designed in such a way that the external faces were flush and the 4m high wall panels can be removed by internal quick release latches. Lattice beams were used to support the roof in a single span such that the roof would support the weight of 12 men. Structurally the enclosure was also designed to withstand the seismic loading designated for the area. The lighting system, designed to produce 200 Lux, was made using trunking with plug-in connectors so that the enclosure demountability was not impaired. The lighting, acoustic gaskets and other materials were selected to withstand a surface temperature of 70oC for the Load Coupling Compartment.


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