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REDUC SoundMat

12mm thick, extremely effective, easy to fit, acoustic underlay that can be laid directly on to existing timber and concrete floors.

Designed to reduce airborne sound and impact noise transmission through new and existing floors and will act as a compensating layer of sound insulation when replacing carpets with hard floor finishes such as laminates, hardwood or ceramic tiles.

Manufactured from a high density polymeric barrier, bonded to a resilient layer of acoustic felt.

REDUC SoundMat is designed for use in domestic and commercial applications to reduce airborne and impact noise passing through intermediate floors into the rooms below and to minimise the sound of footsteps on stairs. It is suitable for use in building extensions and loft conversions where there is a
requirement to improve sound insulation within a property without necessarily needing to comply with
Building Regulation requirements.

SoundMat Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic Mat


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Acoustics, Noise and Vibration